Melanie Addington-EczemaAnd Dermatitis

Usually in childhood or at least before the age of 25 years, about 50% of patients may develop at any age, but the disease not be severe as it happens when the kids, all skin may be frustrating for both the patient and the doctor 0 when the disease begins in childhood is called eczema kids and pretending in the form of itchy rash oozing and scaly happens particularly on the head and face.
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But may appear spots anywhere else because of the severe itching was scrubbed kids their heads and cheeks and other parts of infected their hands or anything up their hands, a lot of kids get better before the age of 2 years, appropriate treatment may even help solve the time problem 0 after infancy becomes less skin redder and influenza and finer scaling 0 instead spots become dry to the color red to grayish-brown and may be thickened.

Scaly 0 may continue itching has become clear in the night and some patients scratching their skin even bleed and crack when that happens it has infected skin inflammation bacterial 0 in the second decade of age, when young people spoke spots typically on hands and feet, although these parts are the most common injury, any place like pagan attached, fold the knee, ankles, wrists, face, upper chest may be involved also 0 How to identify atopic dermatitis?

Rash itchy mentioned above with a family history of the state of may indicate atopic dermatitis 0 that treatment early and appropriate and regular may relieve the patient may mitigate the severity and duration of illness 0 disease always walk normal, may appear on the palms or backs of the hands or fingers or feet where you may continue areas of the flake The seepage and stick for years 0


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