Products to Lighten-Melanie Addington

Hydration : When choosing your moisturizer, select one specific for your skin type. When the skin is well hydrated , gets good elasticity, soft and smooth appearance. In contrast, when it is dry, loses its elasticity and appears dull and rough.
Area Eye : The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and requires special care.
About General Health Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

Use specific products for that region to avoid burning eyes. After 30 years of age, anti-aging use to avoid the formation of wrinkles. The effects are best used at night and in the morning.

Has low potential be applied to the whole area and not just in the darkened marks, except the vicinity of the eyes and mucous membranes.

Standardizing Lotion Mary Kay

Products to Lighten Skin
Formulated with the unique ingredient TM, standardizing Lotion TimeWise  brings clinically proven results in restoring the natural skin tone by helping reduce visible spots and discoloration of the skin process.

It can be used during the day.
FluvialRavalli, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Tatiana Steiner, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of DermatologyThe benefits of clay are many, as the absorption of toxins from the skin, stimulates blood circulation, restores tissues, softens skin and has power can find clay powder or cosmetics ready with other compositions, found in several tags. About Health


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