Relearning to know my skin-Melanie Addington

These categories sound very simplistic, because in practice it is noticed that two people with oily skin, using the same products, one can have excellent benefits and the other, on the contrary, develop allergies and skin blemishes.

With this in mind I decided to write this post : to help clarify a bit more about it and bring light to possible questions. I myself am relearning to know my skin.
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The first thing is “normal” skin. To me this is a myth! The most that could be a “normal” skin is the skin of a child: thin, smooth, with no noticeable pores, hydrated just right or a little drier. Cosmetic indicated: light moisturizers, especially to the body, stick to the lips in cold or dry climates, sunscreens, soaps and shampoos for skin as well.

Adult with “normal” skin there are dozens: the covers of magazines and advertisements, with layers and filters photo shop.
This term is outdated, but I still see people and, worse, professionals and advertisements of cosmetic dermatology still using that terminology. Incidentally, the definition of normal skin, and dry mixed or oily emerged in the cosmetic industry, and specifically was popularized by the cosmetologist Helena Rubinstein .
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But Dr. Leslie Baumann , head of the Center of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami, has developed an interesting application for the classification of skins proposal, “Baumann Classification System 16 Types of Skin.”


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