Melanie Addington-It is advised gently massage the skin

A few days before waxing, it is advised gently massage the skin with a gentle scrub. Thus, by dense cravat and is easier to remove, “teaches the expert.

After the procedure, the ideal is to apply products that calm and notify the skin, and avoid sun exposure then to not cause stains.  Upon removal, each area of the body needs a special care because they have different characteristics.
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In the region of the legs and groin, Dr. Oleander Palermo does not recommend the use of tight clothing, not to cause irritation. “In the armpits, should avoid applying creams or deodorant because it can cause burning, irritation and even more serious folliculated.

In the upper lip and chin region, it is important to use a refreshing lotion to soothe and then a good sunscreen to prevent possible stains, “he concludes.

Dr. Leander Palermo elected five essential tips to maintain beautiful skin after waxing. Check: • Keep skin hydrated before waxing; • Exfoliate 1x per week for clearing the hairs; • Avoid sun for a few days; • Avoid handling ingrown hair; • Avoid tight and synthetic clothing.About Health

The purpose of exfoliating is to remove the dead skin particles that block the pores and prevent the natural skin rejuvenation .


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