Ultimate Herpes Protocol-Surprising ways to care for skin

Surprising ways to care for skin

There is much misinformation about skin care – mainly because the matter is not linear and depends very much on the skin type of each. However, there are some real rules – most of which violates at least one or two myths may have heard elsewhere – that really work for all skin types. Here are some of them, according to Mother Nature Network .

1.Do not have to wash your face with warm water to clean
In fact, the hot water can cause redness and irritation in sensitive skins. In normal skin, can also dry more delicate facial skin, leaving it susceptible to a range of problems, from acne redness Click here http://www.ultimateherpesprotocolreviewscam.com/about-us/

Choose to wash your face with warm water or air temperature, so as not to irritate the skin. The trick is for the rest of the body – can learn much take hot water bath but especially with the cold weather approaching, it is guaranteed that will irritate your skin.
The oil is good for skin

Many vegetable oils are the best moisturizers for skin, although unappreciated. Choose to wash your face with coconut, sesame or olive oil – after a few uses, you will notice that your skin, be it oily or dry, is more balanced and hydrated. Most new beauty product already contains protective skin oils because they really work.


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