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Melanie Addington-It is advised gently massage the skin

A few days before waxing, it is advised gently massage the skin with a gentle scrub. Thus, by dense cravat and is easier to remove, “teaches the expert.

After the procedure, the ideal is to apply products that calm and notify the skin, and avoid sun exposure then to not cause stains.  Upon removal, each area of the body needs a special care because they have different characteristics.
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In the region of the legs and groin, Dr. Oleander Palermo does not recommend the use of tight clothing, not to cause irritation. “In the armpits, should avoid applying creams or deodorant because it can cause burning, irritation and even more serious folliculated.

In the upper lip and chin region, it is important to use a refreshing lotion to soothe and then a good sunscreen to prevent possible stains, “he concludes.

Dr. Leander Palermo elected five essential tips to maintain beautiful skin after waxing. Check: • Keep skin hydrated before waxing; • Exfoliate 1x per week for clearing the hairs; • Avoid sun for a few days; • Avoid handling ingrown hair; • Avoid tight and synthetic clothing.About Health

The purpose of exfoliating is to remove the dead skin particles that block the pores and prevent the natural skin rejuvenation .


Melanie Addington-Skin Disease – Atopic dermatitis – Basic consideration

At what age is most basic atopic dermatitis? What are the side effects of this malady gives? What is worth recollecting in consistently mind the skin of atopic dermatitis?

Atopic Dermatitis ( AD ), otherwise called atopic dermatitis, a skin hindrance brokenness connected with turmoil in digestion system epidermal lipids, diminished the measure of regular saturating variable and strange methodology of shedding ( desquamation ), coming about because of disarranges of enzymatic frameworks.

Who is influenced by atopic dermatitis?
This is a standout amongst the most perceived ailments skin youth. It is evaluated that atopic dermatitis applies to 15-20% of youngsters less than 7 years old in 45% of kids first manifestations show up before the age of 6 months old, and at 90% kids before the age of 5 years.

Much of the time, AD holds on in youth, yet something like 3 percent. patients are influenced by the ailment forever.
Indications of AD
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The essential indication of AD is a solid feeling of tingling of the skin. It is joined by dryness and distinctive sorts of skin injuries ,, for example, searing, papules, vesicles, tingling, tenacious and repetitive contaminations. The ordinary area of injuries is the face, elbows, hands, knees, feet.

Melanie Addington-Listing some ingredients indicated for these skin

Hydration: listing some ingredients indicated for these skin types, has the tea tree (green tea), deckspantheon (provitamin B5), vitamin E and niacin amide.

He would have a very similar effect to that of a BB cream, due to their multiple functionalities: moisturizes, regenerates, restores, renews, brightens. All these ingredients you can find in regenerating facial serum Regenerate, the Olay .
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It is made with silicone primer and gives texture to the skin. Easeserum I suggest using the morning after cleansing and evening. We apply even with acid. Dr Baumann states make a mixture with a drop of acid and one part serum, but I prefer to apply separate. She for example, indicates the Avenel Ultra Calming with Feverfew:

A type of Roman chamomile to soothe and indicated with anti-inflammatory action, used for the treatment of roscoe. It also has anti-oxidant properties, soothes and softens the skin attacked and compromised. Feverfew is proven to reduce redness and irritation caused by internal and external aggressions.

In Brazil, a similar would be the Roc Calamine facial moisturizer, Feverfew and also suitable for sensitive skins or intolerable, especially for those who make use of retinoid and soretinoic, either topical or oral. Unfortunately, these two products I have not found in lighter formula like gel.

Relearning to know my skin-Melanie Addington

These categories sound very simplistic, because in practice it is noticed that two people with oily skin, using the same products, one can have excellent benefits and the other, on the contrary, develop allergies and skin blemishes.

With this in mind I decided to write this post : to help clarify a bit more about it and bring light to possible questions. I myself am relearning to know my skin.
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The first thing is “normal” skin. To me this is a myth! The most that could be a “normal” skin is the skin of a child: thin, smooth, with no noticeable pores, hydrated just right or a little drier. Cosmetic indicated: light moisturizers, especially to the body, stick to the lips in cold or dry climates, sunscreens, soaps and shampoos for skin as well.

Adult with “normal” skin there are dozens: the covers of magazines and advertisements, with layers and filters photo shop.
This term is outdated, but I still see people and, worse, professionals and advertisements of cosmetic dermatology still using that terminology. Incidentally, the definition of normal skin, and dry mixed or oily emerged in the cosmetic industry, and specifically was popularized by the cosmetologist Helena Rubinstein .
About Health

But Dr. Leslie Baumann , head of the Center of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami, has developed an interesting application for the classification of skins proposal, “Baumann Classification System 16 Types of Skin.”

Products to Lighten-Melanie Addington

Hydration : When choosing your moisturizer, select one specific for your skin type. When the skin is well hydrated , gets good elasticity, soft and smooth appearance. In contrast, when it is dry, loses its elasticity and appears dull and rough.
Area Eye : The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face and requires special care.
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Use specific products for that region to avoid burning eyes. After 30 years of age, anti-aging use to avoid the formation of wrinkles. The effects are best used at night and in the morning.

Has low potential be applied to the whole area and not just in the darkened marks, except the vicinity of the eyes and mucous membranes.

Standardizing Lotion Mary Kay

Products to Lighten Skin
Formulated with the unique ingredient TM, standardizing Lotion TimeWise  brings clinically proven results in restoring the natural skin tone by helping reduce visible spots and discoloration of the skin process.

It can be used during the day.
FluvialRavalli, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Tatiana Steiner, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of DermatologyThe benefits of clay are many, as the absorption of toxins from the skin, stimulates blood circulation, restores tissues, softens skin and has power can find clay powder or cosmetics ready with other compositions, found in several tags. About Health

Melanie Addington-EczemaAnd Dermatitis

Usually in childhood or at least before the age of 25 years, about 50% of patients may develop at any age, but the disease not be severe as it happens when the kids, all skin may be frustrating for both the patient and the doctor 0 when the disease begins in childhood is called eczema kids and pretending in the form of itchy rash oozing and scaly happens particularly on the head and face.
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But may appear spots anywhere else because of the severe itching was scrubbed kids their heads and cheeks and other parts of infected their hands or anything up their hands, a lot of kids get better before the age of 2 years, appropriate treatment may even help solve the time problem 0 after infancy becomes less skin redder and influenza and finer scaling 0 instead spots become dry to the color red to grayish-brown and may be thickened.

Scaly 0 may continue itching has become clear in the night and some patients scratching their skin even bleed and crack when that happens it has infected skin inflammation bacterial 0 in the second decade of age, when young people spoke spots typically on hands and feet, although these parts are the most common injury, any place like pagan attached, fold the knee, ankles, wrists, face, upper chest may be involved also 0 How to identify atopic dermatitis?

Rash itchy mentioned above with a family history of the state of may indicate atopic dermatitis 0 that treatment early and appropriate and regular may relieve the patient may mitigate the severity and duration of illness 0 disease always walk normal, may appear on the palms or backs of the hands or fingers or feet where you may continue areas of the flake The seepage and stick for years 0

Eczema Lines Effects

– You’ll minimize eating fried dishes or added sugar, artificial colors and flavorings.

– Try eating material that contains vitamin A, as well as zinc and vitamins as well as (b, c, e).
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